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Posted by Tim :: bio

age 5, loves cars, trucks, and balls. He also enjoys leading his little sister around.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Play with all my sibllings, especially my little sister.

What is your favorite color?

Why do you wear glasses at such a young age?
Because I had a cornea transplant when I was only one week old.

Why did you have to have that done?
Because I had a rare eye condition called sclera cornea. It's where the
white part of your eye covers your pupil. It was brought on by a genetic abnormality that I was born with. Chromosome number 6 is missing 2 genes with some additional material in their place. It's described by karyotype 46,XY,dup(6)(p24.2p25.3).

Did anything else go wrong because of it?
Oh yeah! I had a fused suture with accompanying cranial deformities. I have hearing loss in both ears. I have a lingering hole in my heart. And I have growth and weight delays.

Are you sad about all of that?
No way. I really love life. I enjoy smiling and making other people smile.
I can be very dramatic. And I'm learning sign language. God is good!