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Our Vacation June 2003 Part 3

Posted by Tim :: Family News

Black Hills, South Dakota

Sunday, June 8 we decided we had enough of camping in the cold and rain. So we packed up and drove to Rapid City where we found a good deal on a hotel with a pool.

We all enjoyed the warm room and the pool- including a hot tub. The only bad part was Tim got sick that night and on Monday was not able to enjoy the day much. We did make a couple trips out on Monday inspite of Tim’s sickness. Went to some places where the kids could run around and play and we could sit and watch. One place was Story Book Island- a huge play area for kids with story book themes like 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella and many more. Spent some time resting and swimming. Went out for supper, then went to bed early- every one feeling very tired. Tuesday, June 10 everyone was feeling better, but Tim was not fully recovered. Today’s the day we’re heading home. Took our time getting ready to go and left Rapid city around 10:30. Stopped at the 1880 Town where we ate at a 50’s Train Diner (not sure what the connection is there). Decided not to pay to see the town, but did buy some Badlands shirts for the kids. Headed off on I-90 for Ames around 2:00 pm (mountain time). LONG trip home. Stopped a few times to for gas, eat, bathroom... Finally got home at 1:30 am Wednesday morning (central time). Crashed, slept in and then back to the grind. It’s good to be home.