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Preparing for SALT

Posted by Tim :: Ministry News

Autumn, Dan and I have been in the Chicago area for 5 days now. More than enough time to see God move on our behalf. The most exciting thing to happen so far was when our UIC contact, Roz, decided to go the extra mile for us and arrange a means for every SALT participant to get Special User Passes and have free internet access and use of the Univ. bus system. The crazy thing is that we did not ask her to do this, and right now she is extremely busy training her staff for the summer. It was a God thing.

Stuff like this causes me to reflect on what God's blessing really looks like. I so often think it's when things go as I want them too. When my idea of success comes to pass, I say that God has blessed me. But I think there is a distinction between success and blessing that needs to be made. I don't know the extent of the distinction yet, but I do know that God's blessing... when fully revealed... is far greater than any idea of success that I might have.
In this case, success to me was finding some alternate way for students to have access to e-mail for the summer. God decided to bless us, move the heart of the authorities, and give us far more than just internet access. He gave us all the rights and priviledges of being UIC students. This opens the door wider for an effective outreach to this campus this summer.


THAT is an incredible story. It's why I tend to tag "but not my will, but yours be done..." on to the end of prayers.. it's amazing what happens sometimes (like... getting to open for Luther Wright and the Wrongs...)

:) I'm glad that you have vision, and a plan (well... MOST of the time we have a plan...) but I'm also a lot more glad that God is sovereign and capable and will of blessing us far beyond our puny imaginations.

free internet access and bus passes... sheesh!

Posted by: Matt at May 21, 2004 02:17 PM
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