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The best parties on campus

Posted by Tim :: Ministry News

Wow!! Was I ever surprised and encouraged by Destination ISU's Late Night at the MU. The live band on the Terrace (the Rock's Lone Strangers) and the Rock's sweet display/info table served up a great night of music and conversation.
It was awesome watching the crowd singing to the covers, dancing to the kickin' songs, and generally just hanging out and enjoying the scene.
And then there was the new info table. I heard that a group of freshman were walking through the Terrace, but as soon as the info table was within eyesight all heads turned and they walked over to check it out. Intense! See it all for yourself!
I had a blast talking with all the Rockers and freshman that were there, especially my cousin, Stephanie, and some of her friends (one of which told me that a friend highly recommended The Rock to her).
It was so cool, guys. God definitely answered our prayers that the weather would be great, the display would be effective, the band would play well and have fun, and we'd connect with a lot of people.

But you know something, on the way back home, I stopped by the TSC's Alternative event. They also had a huge crowd jammin' to some great sounds put out by Christian bands. It got me thinking about how the best parties on campus were Christian lead last night! Far better than the drunk girl looking for a place to puke or the guys standing around holding their beers with nothing to talk about that I walked past.
The world wants fun as defined by their flesh. They drink their fill of it and are disappointed but can't let on. That's all there is. Maybe next week, they might think, I'll find what I'm looking for.
Look no farther than the MU Terrace and Beta Sigma Psi last night. They were the best parties on campus!



That was a very encouraging post. Thanks!


Posted by: Scott at August 24, 2004 11:01 AM
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