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So what did you bring me?

Posted by Tim :: Ministry News

Whenever I go away on a trip, the kids are always wondering if I brought them something. My latest trip to Orlando was no exception, but it got me wondering about what, other than gifts, did I bring back from my time at the Emerging Leaders Gathering. As I've pondered that question, I came up with this:
1) I didn't bring back sunshine. Sorry, we mostly got rain while there.
2) I didn't bring back a small lizard either. Matt caught one in our hotel room. I really wanted to bring it back, but I feared he wouldn't make it through airport security.
3) I did bring back some rich bonding with Matt and Michael. We talked, we played, we cried... it was beautiful.
4) I also brought back the first message on gluttony I ever heard... followed by a trip to IHOP where I gulfed down 15 buffalo wings.
5) I discovered that any strengths I have in leadership are more than adequately compensated by how much I reek at management.
6) I got to see Michael experience his first flight ever. He did pretty well. Or he faked it real well.
7) I realized how much John Hever and I have in common. What scares me about that is that he has lots of problems. Hmmm...
8) I now know a secret diet which was unveiled at a confidential meeting. I could make millions off of this thing called "the S diet". Send me a dollar and I'll tell you all about it.
9) I can now share the gospel without tools. How? By sharing it in the context of a story. Wait a minute... wouldn't that be considered a tool? Oh forget it.
10) Red vs Blue


hehe... red vs. blue. I have effectively corrupted the leadership of our church now. bwwaaahahahahah!

My work here is done.

Posted by: Matt Heerema at November 15, 2004 09:37 AM

It's like a virus. I spread it to Kristen. Who can help us?!

Posted by: Tim at November 15, 2004 10:25 AM

I have never been able to appreciate Red v Blue, but now I laugh every time I'm watching political TV and they talk about the difference between conservative and liberal states in those terms.

Posted by: Pat at November 15, 2004 03:10 PM