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Men... how did you do over break?

Posted by Tim :: Ministry News

I've been toying using my blog for many different things lately. Controversial topics, discouraging days in ministry, ect... So how about making things uncomfortable for us men.
Thanksgiving break is a nice reprieve from the hectic pace of life. Time at home with family... there's not much like it.
It also sets us up for a fall. Back among the familiar trappings of home and the sorts of sins that we fell into as a kid, away from the help and support of the church, extra time to watch a ton of movies and surf the internet... well men, how did you do? I encourage you Rock guys to talk about it in your lifegroups this week. Be honest about the temptations and struggles we all face.
As I was sorting out my 166 e-mails that came pouring in when I came home, I looked at a newsletter from XXXChruch. You might find the link below to be interesting and if your not familiar with this website it might be useful to you in the battle.

In case you missed it, which most of you did, unless you had nothing better to do then watch the PAX network on Saturday night. There is a new show on Television called "Faith Under Fire". Jimmy D and Craig taped a debate segment for the show a few months back and it finally made its way on air this past week. Go to the video page on the XXXchurch site and click on the link that says "Faith Under Fire", or click here.