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World's Worst Decisions

Posted by Tim :: Ministry News

At the last Rock (11/21), I shared about how the world system, our uncontrolled desires, and Satan's schemes promise us life but, in the end, deliver death. Regardless of the historical precedence to this effect, humans still buy into the line that good can be found by following worldly wisdom rather than the wisdom of God.

A quick look at some of the world's worst decisions give evidence of what I'm talking about. A couple of examples are:

In 1977 a South African hang-gliding instructor spotted an interesting sight and made an obscene gesture at a woman who was sunbathing on a rooftop below his flight path. The woman's husband appeared with a submachine gun and blasted the birdman out of the sky.

In 1981 Dora Wilson looked out her window and saw some men loading her neighbor's priceless Persian carpets into a van. "What are you doing?" she called. "We're taking them to be cleaned," the men replied. "Will you take mine too?" she asked. They did, and she never saw the men or the carpets again.

But as I searched through websites on the world's worst decisions, I didn't find the absolute worst decision in the history of mankind. That decision was when Adam and Eve chose to disregard God's clear instruction to avoid the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, listened to Satan's lies, and ate the forbidden fruit. It's not only a decision that has cursed the world and all of humanity with it, but set a pattern of making really bad decisions ever since.

I suppose the Lord will have to come back before we'll stop looking for life outside of God. Maybe though, just maybe, there is still faith on the earth that will believe Jesus' incredible words to "lose your life and you will find it."


Gee... it seems to me that one of the world's worst decisions is to blog about such. Talk about no activity.

Posted by: Critic at January 28, 2005 08:34 AM

Critic - in criticism, you have picked one of my favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, you were a little unclear as to with what, exactly, you are displeased. Are you lambasting this blog as being lame and having no activity? Or is Tim your target? Or do you think that the Rock ministry is dead and inactive?
I think you're wrong on all counts, and, though it's probably not worth arguing over, I am curious as to your intent.
Also, I recommend going to the Rock Media page ( and listening to Tim's teaching for a little context. This might make more sense, then.

Posted by: Pat at January 31, 2005 10:24 AM

Thanks Pat.
You're my friend. :- )

Posted by: Tim at January 31, 2005 02:58 PM
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