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Pray for the Johnsons

Posted by Tim :: Prayer Requests

All hands on deck! Paul and Christie Johnson need serious prayer. They don't know what they have gotten themselves into and now it's too late to pull out!

No, I'm not talking about going on staff and support raising (though I could have been). This situation is far worse. They are going to provide childcare for our five kids while were gone to a regional pastors and wives time. I know, the cruelty... the inhumanity!

This is what they have to look forward to:
Isaac waking up at 2am and crying for no reason at all.
Savana saying words you can't understand because her thumb is affixed to her mouth.
Isaac grabbing Paul and Christie by the finger and dragging them to the pantry... every 20 minutes... and crying incessantly if they don't submit.
Wayne requiring g-tube feedings 4 times a day.
Isaac crying because he can't stand the sound of silence.
And that's on a good day!

So pray without ceasing for the Johnsons. We will be in Davenport Sunday afternoon - Tuesday noon. We will thoroughly enjoy ourselves provided the kids don't bring the Johnson's to their knees in sleep depravation and child-induced insanity.

Here's a sample prayer:
Dear God,
The Johnsons are in trouble. They need your help, God. Without you, they are doomed.
Help the Johnsons to persevere like a salmon swimming upstream. Help them be strong and courageous like Poland during the Nazi blitzkrieg. Help them to show sacrificial love like a black widow spider after mating.
Only You can pull them through this God. We're depending on You.
Hope against hope,

Oh, and, if you think about it, you can pray for their support raising too.


words of wisdom to the johnsons:

don't ever believe an 11 year old who says I'm almost done, or at least I will be when I die next. (referring to computer game playing.)

and beware of the bear hunt.... it could last for days.

and don't believe that Issac's crying has anything to do with you OR missing his mother... I think it's just what he does.

and if you see a light on in the basement, don't believe it.... I'm probably not there anyway.

Posted by: Angie at February 19, 2005 10:16 PM
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