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Sneak Peek

Posted by Tim :: Ministry News

I will be sharing some thoughts on the bizarre biblical idea that "the generous man will prosper" at the Rock this Friday. I was thinking about that as I compiled an e-mail to Rock leaders asking them to generate $50,000 to help cover a down-payment on a building that could host the Rock for years to come and, I believe, be a blessing to many.
I thought to myself, "Self... if the generous man prospers (emotionally, psychologically, financially, and otherwise), then how upside down is the thought that we could raise money for a building by giving money away." Isn't that the epitome of crazy thinking? Here it is we need to get money to buy a building, so giving money away seems counter productive.
Well, welcome to the Kingdom, boys and girls. Spread the word Rockers. There are greater needs out there than getting a place for the Rock to call home. I discovered that JR Woodward of Kairos church in LA is personally delivering as much money as he can raise to the starving people in Northern Kenya. After talking to a personal friend from there, JR found out that the government is so corrupt that any organized effort to get food to them is seized and used by the government for themselves. So he's taking it there himself!
This Friday, I would like to put our faith into practice and call on all Rockers to put $5 into the basket to help feed the people of Kenya who have needs that make ours insignificant. Spread the word!


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