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Wayne's Eleventh birthday

Posted by Tim :: Family News

by Kristen

Wayne turned 11 years old yesterday! It was a great day for him. Telling everyone at church it was his birthday, having ice cream cake after lunch, opening gifts, playing a new racing game on the xbox, and having Matthew over was just a blast for Wayne.

Earlier in the day I was reflecting on 11 years ago when Wayne was born and the turmoil we all went through. We all knew right away that things weren't right and within 12 hours of birth Wayne had been transferred to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC). It was a time of uncertainties. As Tim and I traveled to Iowa City the worst part was not knowing what was going on with our son. What was going to happen to him, would he be okay- healthy? When we arrived and heard all the reports from all the tests over the next several days it was rather overwhelming. We needed to trust God to take of Wayne and us. Looking back now I see that I had a peace that truly passed understanding, I can't imagine now how I made it through those times. And to follow was a year of surgeries and uncertainties. Although things have calmed down since then, I find myself worrying about the future for Wayne again. As he gets older but not bigger, as he learns but not very quickly. All of the uncertainty is there again. However, looking back at all he has come through helps me to know that God will give peace again as I trust him with Wayne and not think that I can work things out. Only God can work things out for good for those that love him. And I know Tim, Wayne and I all love God.

For more pictures of Wayne's birthday check them out here.


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