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Wayne's Eleventh birthday

Posted by Tim: 03/30/2009 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003938

by Kristen

Wayne turned 11 years old yesterday! It was a great day for him. Telling everyone at church it was his birthday, having ice cream cake after lunch, opening gifts, playing a new racing game on the xbox, and having Matthew over was just a blast for Wayne.

Earlier in the day I was reflecting on 11 years ago when Wayne was born and the turmoil we all went through. We all knew right away that things weren't right and within 12 hours of birth Wayne had been transferred to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC). It was a time of uncertainties. As Tim and I traveled to Iowa City the worst part was not knowing what was going on with our son. What was going to happen to him, would he be okay- healthy? When we arrived and heard all the reports from all the tests over the next several days it was rather overwhelming. We needed to trust God to take of Wayne and us. Looking back now I see that I had a peace that truly passed understanding, I can't imagine now how I made it through those times. And to follow was a year of surgeries and uncertainties. Although things have calmed down since then, I find myself worrying about the future for Wayne again. As he gets older but not bigger, as he learns but not very quickly. All of the uncertainty is there again. However, looking back at all he has come through helps me to know that God will give peace again as I trust him with Wayne and not think that I can work things out. Only God can work things out for good for those that love him. And I know Tim, Wayne and I all love God.

For more pictures of Wayne's birthday check them out here.

Online picture album

Posted by Tim: 03/25/2009 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003937

We are starting to use Shutterfly to share our photos online. If you wish to see what has been going on in our busy household and in the Ministry in Ames please feel free to visit. Also, we have been without a digital camera for a couple of months, but will finally be getting a new one- hopefully tomorrow. So we can start recording these busy times in our lives and capturing our kids' growing up years once again. Here is a link to the site:

The Borseths

Here are a couple of photos as a teaser.

Thanksgiving Day poem

Posted by Tim: 11/26/2008 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003925

by Nina

Thanksgiving Day is the day
when the Pilgrims and the Indians came together,
To give thanks to all those who worked hard each year,
To the Indians who helped us plant corn and potatoes,
and especially to God who lead them out of Europe,
who gave them the strength to make it here,
for if it weren't for them we would not have Thanksgiving,
and what a shame that would be.

Wow! What a weekend!

Posted by Tim: 10/06/2008 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003920

So... it all started with the Phil Wickham concert. Freshflow promoter, Pam Evans, brought this superb musician to Zeke's in Ames because she felt that a man with this much heart and talent needed a bigger venue than what she had available to her in eastern Iowa.
Well... Kristen, Rex, and I (along with 90ish other people) were blessed by Phil's music and his stories. It was a great time. Here's one of the songs he sang. It's not at Zeke's. Sorry about that.

Then I tried something new at church this past Sunday (10/5). I decided to do a message without notes, using only powerpoint. I felt that I knew enough of the subject matter (Creation/ Genesis... it will be up on the Stonebrook site soon) that I didn't need to restrict myself to notes on a page. So I just set my phone to ring at the allotted time (I shot for 20 minutes but landed at 30) and went for it. Other than talking fast to get it all in, many people told me that it was exceptional. To Him be the glory.

Then, after the message, a sister in our church that I had been talking to about the Walking with Dinosaurs Live event in Des Moines, came up to me and offered me 3 free tickets to the final show later that day. Wow! I could hardly believe what I was hearing. So I humbly accepted and Nina, Wayne, and I went... and Rex went too buying a ticket with his own money since he is gainfully employed with the Tribune these days.

The animatronic dinosaurs were truly incredible. We had a spectacular time... although it was tainted with billions of years of evolutionary philosophy by the MC, but you come to expect that in a today's world.


Posted by Tim: 07/10/2008 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003900

by Kristen

So what's been happening at the Borseth house? Let's see we got a bigger pool for the kids to play in. Now all of them can get in and enjoy the cool water on a hot summer's day (except Ariana). Even the older 2 can get in and enjoy the water although it's not big enough to swim in.

Nina cut 10" of her hair off- not that anyone can tell since it was so long. She was going to get her hair trimmed but the lady cutting her hair (Karen, who goes to our church) recommended cutting it shorter and sending the hair to Locks of Love- an organization that collects hair to make wigs for kids going through chemo or for some other reason have lost all their hair. Nina also got her ears pierced. She had been asking for a while, and we even went to do it once but she chickened out. Not this time, since her Dad was there to encourage her (I was not with her, but that's okay).

Oh, yeah I turned 40! I was not looking forward to turning 40, but afterwards I e-mailed my sister (who is older than me) and told her turning 40 wasn't so bad. She wrote back and said "Turning 40 isn't the hard part, it's continuing on from there." So we'll see what the future holds. Thankfully I have plenty of wise women to look for advice and understanding.

Tim and I got away for a few days and went to the Pastor's conference at Tan-Tar-A. Wow, it was a great time. Powerful teachings and great people. I was amazed at how many people I saw there that I had not seen in years. One was a couple Tim & I knew from LT in Myrtle Beach, I think we first met them in 1993. I know it's been probably 10 years since I had seen them. There was also the Pauldings who moved to CO several years ago and the Abdos, & Sokolls. I know there were more that I just can't remember right now. God is so wonderful to allow us to know so many godly people.

I suppose that's it for now. We're planning a vacation for August to go to the AIG Creation Museum near Cincinnati. That should be a great time.

Reflections on Hospitalizations

Posted by Tim: 02/10/2008 :: Family News :: 1 comments on 003824

by Kristen

I’ve just returned from spending 2 days in the hospital with Wayne after his heart catheterization to fix a hole in his heart. The emotions surrounding this event have taken me to both ends of the spectrum. There has been uncertainty, helplessness, feeling out of control, anxious or worried, relief, joy, thankfulness, feeling alone, desperate… There are so many I’m not even sure I can identify them all. Most of these came within a 72 hour period and some of them passed quickly. Others were perhaps present before all this and they may still be lingering.

However, there is one ‘emotion’ or perhaps a combination of emotions that I have dealt with before and am dealing with now. The only way I can describe it is the ‘leaving the hospital blues’. I have felt this many times before (after giving birth 6 times and after Wayne having several other hospitalizations). It is basically a feeling of uncertainty, kind of ‘what do I do now?’ feeling. After spending several days in the hospital with nurses and others taking care of me/my loved and thinking of nothing else but myself/my loved (except wondering how the other kids were doing), I now find myself flung back into reality but I (and my emotions) have not had time to really adjust. I suppose there is no other way to adjust other than to just get back into the swing of things. Similar to the way Wayne had to start walking inspite of the pain in his leg (where the catheter went in). Even though it hurt he still had to get up and walk- it would help in the healing process. I need to do the same inspite of the pain.

So, in the midst of a lot of uncertainty and all the other emotions I’ve been through the last several days, I know that God is using and can use this to draw me closer to Him. Perhaps this is where He wants me most- in a place that I cannot do it myself. In a place that I need Him- a place where I am desperate for Him. In light of that I can I should be able to rest in Him, I should be able to be at peace. God does not say He will take away our difficulties, just that He will bring us through them. I’m not sure I am there yet but am striving to continually trust Him with all things.

Popcorn for sale

Posted by Tim: 10/26/2007 :: Family News :: 2 comments on 003810

It's that time of year again. Rex and Wayne are selling Boy Scout popcorn to raise money for their Scout Troop/ Pack. They also receive some pretty cool prizes. Just post a reply with your preferred choice of popcorn. Or you can catch Rex or Wayne at church on Sunday- or just stop by the house. Thanks!
Check out the old favorites and new choices here.


Posted by Tim: 09/12/2007 :: Family News :: 4 comments on 003787

I would often rehearse in my mind what I would do and how I would behave if I ever got into an accident. Well, the rehearsal became real life while on my way to The Rock on Friday Night.
Here's my sad story:
My brother, Andy, my son, Rex, and I were heading toward Zeke's to catch the third Rock ever at that location. Andy came to Ames from Decorah specifically to see it. Rex had never been to the Rock before either and was particularly pumped about seeing it at Zeke's.
We were looking forward to a great night when a guy on the street next to the Community of Christ church moved into my lane. He saw me coming and stopped... but it was toooo late.
I hit my brakes, the tires screeched, I tried to swerve all in a second's time. It was like slow motion as I realized that we were going to collide and there was nothing I could do about it. The crunch hit. Metal twisting. Glass shattering.
Then there was silence as we assessed our physical condition and that of the car. We were all fine. We couldn't say the same for the car.
The other guy was fine and his car suffered far less damage than mine. We exchanged information and he parted shortly before a cop showed up. I guess someone called it in.
They said that my car was a mess and the guy needed to come back to file a police report. Before he came back, though, the cop got a call that a couple of guys were sited heading for the railroad tracks with rifles. (Wow. I didn't know Ames ever got that interesting!) She said, "Gotta go. Tell the other driver I'll call him." And off she went.
Since Andy and Rex had already left for the Rock, I decided to join them.

How did I do compared to my rehearsals? Very well, I'd say. I was calm. At peace. I raised the flag of my faith to the guy (told him we were on our way to The Rock). And was overall filled with the Spirit. I thanked God that I didn't compromise my faith because life took a turn for the worse.

So... what did you do this summer?

Posted by Tim: 08/13/2007 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003771

I figure I better blog about this now before it got too late.
Without question or contest, one of the most unexpectedly rewarding events of the summer of 2007 was participating in a genuine fossil dig. Here's the story:

Nate Korynta, a recently graduated Rocker, invited my family and I to join him on a fossil dig that he had been in on for years. He even offered to cover the cost of the dig! A free opportunity to excavate dinosaur fossils... how could I say no to that?!
So Wayne, Nina, Rex and I packed our tent and our bags and headed NW to Lemmon SD. We even picked up another kid, Joe, whom Nate recruited.
The camp site was at a ranch out in the middle of the open country. The scenery was fantastic! On our first night there we were treated to an electric light show in a monstrous thunderhead. In fact, everything in this area was bigger than life... especially the dinosaur dig site.
Russ McGlenn had been leading these Adventure Safaris dinosaur digs for something like 16 years. They are designed for laymen whether they be a college student or a family of youngin's. Every day he gave at least 2 creation oriented lectures complete with powerpoint.
On the first day, though, he gave a tutorial on how to excavate dinosaur bones, and we immediately went to the fossil dig site. We had to take a trail down the side of an outcrop to a fossil graveyard in the Hell Creek Formation. We marked off our grid. Claimed our spot. And started digging.
I think it's a geologist's trade secret that all rock formations are... well... hard as rock. They aren't. This extensive dinosaur fossil rich formation is composed of clays and bentonite. We could dig out dinosaur bones with a simple geologist hammer and a screwdriver. And that is exactly what we did!
Every day my kids and I uncovered new dinosaur bones. They all belonged to a duckbilled dinosaur called an Edmontosaurus. Check out all the pics to see what we uncovered! It was a blast!

I am already planning on going again next year and taking my entire family. For me, this trip was a childhood dream come true and I can't wait to do it again.

I love my wife!

Posted by Tim: 07/06/2007 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003744

My brother sports a bumper sticker on his truck that says, "I love my wife!" Every time I see it I'm reminded that I need to get me one of those, because it is so true for me.
Today is my wife's birthday and she deserves more than I could ever give her. Thank God that He will some day reward her for all that she truly deserves.
Working at Zeke's so much and so unexpectedly (Michael landing a sweet job so quickly) has caused me to think of all the things that make Kristen so dear to me... the things that drew me to her in the first place are the things that attract me to her still.
In summary, Kristen is faithfully committed to Christ. No post-modern artistic spin necessary.

I remember Kristen being one of those faithful few that would be at everything the student group/ church was doing. Weekly meetings, special events, spring break outreaches, summer LTs... you name it, she was there. You could depend on it. I think that is what first caught my eye about her.

She also was unpretentious. She did not need attention or position to validate her. She faithfully served behind the scenes and, if she had to, in the lime light. Whatever the need was... whatever was asked of her she did. You could always turn to her to meet a need. Helping me with a pizza fund-raiser was one of the first things we did together that really revealed her servant's heart to me.

Kristen embodied the true spirit of sacrifice and love. Even though she was never a "girly girl" as Savana puts it... she embraced the feminine role that God lovingly made her for. Even though she isn't the domestic type, she willingly walked into the job of mother, cook, and care-giver. Even though she would rather spend time alone enjoying simple pleasures like a Cubs game on TV or a mind-puzzle on the computer, she deals daily with a non-stop social life as a pastor's wife of 6 kids in a non-stop ministry.

I have a nightmare ever so often that I wake up to find that Kristen has had enough of me and the ministry and we get divorced. When I wake up, I realize it's an irrational fear erupting out of an unbelief that God has blessed me with such a beautiful Proverbs 31 woman. From the day we met, to the day we fell in love, to today- Kristen is faithfully committed to Christ... and I love her deeply for that.

Happy Birthday Honey!


Posted by Tim: 05/25/2007 :: Family News :: 3 comments on 003693

by Kristen

So, Tim is in Lincoln to serve and share the gospel with those he meets. Pray that God would lead him and the others to people who are open and willing to talk. Also, pray that those they talk to would start to build relationships with those that are living in Lincoln.

At the same time, I am at home and have a different task that God has given me. Whether Tim is here or not we try to be available to serve others. Generally, for me that means serving my kids or my kids' friends that come over. At times it may mean serving friends in my home or else where (like taking a meal to someone).

Today we got a call that a friend needs a place for him and 7 of his kids to stay Sat. overnight. Since Tim is gone I am more hesitant to accept the extra people in the house. It means doing some work cleaning up that I had not planned on. However, I do have the possibility of having a friend come over and help me out during this time. So in light of that (and in spite of the extra work) we will be having 8 extra people for the night. I guess my motto is 'If I can help then I will'. Maybe some would say I'm just inflicting pain on myself- perhaps it will bring more pain, but life is not painless and if I can ease some else's pain by serving them then that is what I want to do.

I guess that's how I look at things when Tim is gone- he his able to help people by sharing the gospel and I am willing to stay at home to take care of the kids so he can perhaps ease someone else's pain. One example of this is when Tim went to the teen retreat to teach a seminar on sharing the gospel. At first we thought he only needed to be there in the afternoon. Then we learned he was teaching the seminar twice- once in the morning and once in the afternoon- so he would be gone all day. I did not take the news very well, especially since we learned this at the last minute. When he got back from the retreat and I learned there were maybe a total of 6 teens at both of his seminars combined this added to my frustration. I saw this as a waste of time and somewhat resented him going.

However, Tim got a phone call soon after he got back and learned that one of the teens in one of his seminars took his teaching to heart and went straight to an unsaved friend that was at the retreat and shared the gospel with him. His friend prayed with him and was saved! After learning this I felt rather selfish- Tim's time away from us was certainly worth one salvation. So I am trying to keep that in mind as he is gone now to Lincoln- not only is he sharing the gospel but he is also strengthening and encouraging the believers there as well.

A Proverbs 31 woman, part II

Posted by Tim: 05/11/2007 :: Family News :: 1 comments on 003683

So, I can understand how some may have thought that I was a little over the top in my last post about Kristen. As I've thought about it more, I think I low balled her. I've been watching her a little more closely than usual this week and have been amazed at even more qualities in her life.

* Almost every night Kristen has gone to bed after me. Now, sometimes it's because she's caught up in a game of Sudoku, but often times it's because she is working on our budget (Kristen does all the bookkeeping in our house) or doing something homeschool related. (Prov. 31:18)

* With a hour advance notice, a family of 4 (Dad and 3 girls) called us to ask if they could crash at our place for a few days. Despite the added stress that that would put on Kristen's life, she quickly agreed. Extra food/ cooking, extra cleaning, extra noise... noise... noise. But without complaining or reservation, she embraced it with the heart of a servant. (Prov. 31:20)

* Yesterday Kristen was looking at a guitar at a garage sale. Rex has been asking for one for quite some time. The guy was asking $150 for it. Kristen got counsel, she bartered with the guy, and was able to bring home a fine guitar and tuner for Rex to learn on for $115. She handled it with a lot of strength and grace. (Prov. 31: 16)

There's more... homeschooling the kids, meals prepared, discipline and instruction dished out... being a mom is about the hardest job there is and Kristen has risen to the challenge.

...a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Prov. 31: 30b

A Proverbs 31 woman!

Posted by Tim: 05/07/2007 :: Family News :: 4 comments on 003680

I believe many of us are in for a big shock when we enter Paradise. I speak not just of seeing God and heaven as they really are, but of who receives the greatest rewards for a life lived by faith. I am convinced that the Father will lavish incalculable riches upon the mothers of the world who have sacrificed far more than they could ever be rewarded for on earth.
With obvious bias granted, I do not hesitate in honoring my wife, Kristen, as a woman that will "surpass them all" (Prov. 31:29). This post could never capture the amazing faith and sacrifice of my wife, but I will list a few that come to mind.
* Despite the uncomfortable stares, Kristen used to meet with girls in the dorms even when she was only weeks from giving birth. And she found that going into the dorms with a few month old baby proved to be a great way to meet people... and help her overcome postpartum depression.
* Before the days of Kirsten Hill, my wife took care of all the administrative tasks for the student group. I remember her coming into the student office, putting up a play pen for Rex and working late into the night. Once we got a computer at home, she would spend many late nights perfecting discussion group sheets, phone lists, calendars, and countless other tasks.
* Personal preference and skills aside, Kristen has willingly added the burden of personally homeschooling all of our kids and has done a great job! This has been among the hardest sacrifices she's ever had to make.
* Kristen has always had a strong "tom boy" streak in her. She's not the domestic, stay at home, and find your joy in life from raising kids type.... and yet that is how everyone knows her! She is living the call of Christ to "pick up your cross daily".
* I find it amusing when people hint that I am a workaholic citing all the things that I'm doing. Little do they know that I would be unable to do even half of what I do if Kristen was not quietly, faithfully doing research, creating power points, and taking care of errands for me. I create tons of work for her every day, yet I cannot remember a time when she has complained about it.

I could go on and just might if I get some more blogging time this week, because "a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" (Prov. 31:30). Kristen -my wife, my kids' mom, a servant of all- is definitely worthy of that. Her children and her husband will rise up and call her blessed and praise her, but nowhere near as much as her heavenly Father. He is the one she is really living for.

Evangelism at the playground

Posted by Tim: 04/20/2007 :: Family News :: 6 comments on 003666

by Kristen

We recently went to Brookside park for a Cub Scout meeting for Wayne. While he was doing his Scout stuff the other kids and I went to the nearby playground. And, of course there were other parents there with their kids. Generally it is pretty easy to get into a conversation with people, the hard part is that as parents we are usually running around after the kids- making sure they haven't wandered off or gotten hurt.

On this day, though, I had Nina to watch the other two and I struck up a conversation with another mother. It turns out that this lady's mother-in-law was with her and she was the one running around after her young son. So our conversation was fairly undistracted. We talked about the usual- our kids, where we're from... She is from Kazakhstan and her husband is from Italy, she knows 4 languages and they are teaching their son 2 of them. After a little while I asked her if they went to church- she said yes, they were Catholic. She asked where we went to church and if it was a Catholic church. I explained to her what our church was like. We talked more about Stonebrook and I told her that Tim and I were both raised Catholic. To this she asked why we left the Catholic church (which is the response I get from most Catholics). This made it very easy to share my testimony with her, how I started a personal relationship with Jesus/God and thus shared some of the gospel. She willingly listened until it was time to go. Perhaps we will see each other again, I pray that she ponders the things I shared with her and that a seed was planted. Thank God for his saving grace.

New pictures

Posted by Tim: 04/09/2007 :: Family News :: 3 comments on 003648

We recently uploaded a bunch of pictures.

Everything from Wayne's 9th bithday

to Tim's brother's 25th wedding anniversary

to Rex's trip and manhood ceremony

to New Orleans

to cute pictures of Ariana

and more (including some taken by Savana at the Botanical Center).

So check 'em out on our Photos page.

Extraordinary Extravaganza

Posted by Tim: 03/09/2007 :: Family News

by Kristen

The homeschool group had an event called the Iowa Homeschool Communication Extravaganza (that's a mouth full). All of our school aged kids participated in some way. Rex entered a poster on Trade Federation Tanks (which we later realized it should have been on Trade Federatinon Ships- but most people at the event probably didn't notice). Wayne did a poster on Spiders, which we did rename Cool Spiders- although the judge wondered what made them 'cool'. Nina did a working exhibit with a couple of friends where the girls had a table and kids would come up and the girls would tell them how to make slime. Their table ran concurrently with other tables of kids during a variety of things.

The kids were all judged on their work. A purple ribbon was outstanding, blue was above standard, red was meets standard and white was below standard. Rex got a red ribbon and Wayne and Nina both got a blue ribbon.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures at this time. Tim and Rex left tonight for New Orleans (which I am sure will be a future blog) and took the camera before I could download the pics. The posters are currently hanging up in our house if you want to come see them.

Belated Valentine's gift

Posted by Tim: 02/27/2007 :: Family News :: 7 comments on 003616

by Kristen
So, for some time now I have had a couple of small diamonds missing from my wedding ring and some of the prongs have been bent. We haven't had the money to do much about it and I didn't really think it was the most important thing- I did want to fix the ring sometime. Every once in a while I would think that maybe for Christmas or my birthday or our anniversary we could get it fixed- but it just ended up not being possible. I wouldn't mention anything to Tim because I knew he was aware of the ring needing to be fixed and would take care of it when we could.

Well, the week before Valentine's day we were out on a date at a restaurant and Tim said we were going to the jewelers to get my ring fixed. I was very surprised- I had not been thinking at all about it. So we gave my ring over the the jewelers (the hard part was that they had to cut the ring off since I could not get it off). I was hoping it would be back by Valentine's day but that didn't happen. Tim got a call about it once that they needed to do some different work and it would take longer. So we continued to wait. Then, last Saturday during the couples conference the jewelers called and said the ring was done! Perfect timing, we stopped by the jewelers on the way home and picked up my ring.

One other note about the ring. Tim's mom's wedding ring had 9 small diamonds around the bigger one and it ended up that she had 9 kids. My wedding ring had 6 small diamonds around the bigger one and we now have 6 kids. So when Ariana was born Tim told me later that he knew right away that he needed to get the ring fixed. It just didn't feel right not having all 6 little diamonds that, in a sense, represented our 6 kids. I totally agreed with him. The ring looks so beautiful. I feel like I'm getting married all over again. (The picture doesn't quite do it justice.)
The new, improved ring.jpg

Wow! What a day.

Posted by Tim: 02/24/2007 :: Family News :: 1 comments on 003613

Tim mentioned in the last post that some students from Drake came to ISU to share the gospel. I had the privilege of hosting them at our house when they were not on campus. Originally there was to be about 25 people. So for lunch a made a BIG pot of chili and Dawn B. & Kathy Hanson each made a different soup for the students. Thank you so much to both of them for helping out. For supper I had planned lasagna, but realized I wouldn't have enough since more students had shown up (there were about 50 people in our house). So I decided to make some chicken and rice casserole. However, I didn't have any chicken, but as God would have it I called Christie to use her oven and she just happened to be at Fareway so I asked her to pick up some chicken for me. Thanks for delivering the goods. I couldn't have done any of this without any of these wonderful women.

Then I also had the blessing of being served by some of the Drake students. I expected to serve them but they were so eager to help- at least 10 of them came to me at different times to ask how they could help. They picked up the food at Christie's, served food, poured drinks, cleaned up, did some dishes. A couple of them even helped my younger kids by getting their food and playing with them. Savana and Wayne especially latched on to the students. Thank you so much to the Drake students for coming to serve by sharing the gospel and sharing their lives with me and my family.

It was a long day and I was tired but it was a good and refreshing day.

The Adventure Continues

Posted by Tim: 02/13/2007 :: Family News :: 10 comments on 003594

by Kristen

Isaac has been our most mischievous child. At times even collaborating with his older sister, Savana. Like the time they dumped finger nail polish on the carpet (Angie F should remember that). Then there was the time Isaac hit Savana on the head with a real hammer. We can testify head wounds produce a lot of blood- we took her to the Dr's office but it took them a long time to even find the wound. Most recently Savana and Isaac and Wayne took the packing peanuts from a package we got and crumbled them up and spread them all over the living room. Then, just this past Sunday night Wayne, Savana & Isaac were playing downstairs when Isaac got the wonderful idea of playing in the ashes from our fireplace downstairs. We put the ashes in a bucket until we can empty it outside. Isaac took the bucket and dumped some on the floor but mostly dumped them on his brother, Wayne. The rest of the night was spent cleaning up the kids and the basement floor.

Rex turns 13!

Posted by Tim: 01/07/2007 :: Family News :: 3 comments on 003549

Well, Sunday 1/7 was Rex’s birthday… his 13th birthday. Yes, we have a teenager in the house.
Alban, his friend that he had the honor co-baptizing into the faith, got him a “Nerf Long Shot rifle”. It’s intense. Nerf bullets are flying everywhere now.

Most parents are warned of the hardships of raising a teenager. I’ve been looking forward to it (either due to naivety, arrogance, or masochism... I'm not sure which). Regardless, I’m using this occasion to help Rex begin his entry into manhood. I will begin discipling him in much the same way I would a college student. Also, we will be taking a foray into the wild unknown as a right of passage into manhood. More on all that later. As for now, it's ice cream, video games, and general insanity.

Top 10 Things we are Thankful for

Posted by Tim: 11/23/2006 :: Family News :: 4 comments on 003514

This Thanksgiving we asked our kids what they were thankful for- here is a list we came up with of things we are thankful for:
Jesus (always the right answer)
Christmas (got 2 votes)
All the family (especially Ariana!)
the Bible
our Church family
God's love and forgiveness
And the $270 grill that I got for $75 to grill our Thanksgiving steaks on!

I'm sure we could go on & on listing things we are thankful God has given us.
How about you, what are you thankful for?

Announcing a healthy baby girl!

Posted by Tim: 10/28/2006 :: Family News :: 15 comments on 003468

Kristen did it again! Baby Borseth number 6 arrived in the land of the living on Saturday (10/28) at 8:40am. Labor lived up to its name, but Kristen handled it like a pro and got the job done. In fact, the baby came out so fast that she suffered some brusing. No big problem though.
She weighed in at 9lbs 1 1/2 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long! See all the baby pics here!

Her name has yet to be decided. So enter the "Name That Baby" contest and vote for your favorite name:
Ariana (very holy one)
Carissa or Karisa (very dear)
Cassandra (prophetess)
Larissa (cheerful one)
Leana (light; beautiful woman)
Liberty (freedom) or Libby (varient of Elizabeth God's oath)
Elsa or Eliza (both are varients of Elizabeth as well, God's oath)
Aubree (supernatural being, power)

Also, pray for Kristen today since she will be going through a minor surgery on Sunday at 8:30am (don't ask why :-) ). She will need to go under anesthesia, so do pray that she handles that well and that the surgery is a success.

On another praise note that didn't get voiced earlier, last week was Kristen and my week of celebration! Why? Because on 10/16/1986 Kristen put her faith in Christ alone; on 10/17/1992 Kristen and I were united in holy matrimony; and on 10/18/1984 I (Tim) became a believer in Christ. Last week was a good week too!

I am keenly aware that my family and I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Scout popcorn awaits you!

Posted by Tim: 10/16/2006 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 003449

Yup, you know you love it. So make Rex and Wayne your "go to" BSA popcorn salesmen. They are both shooting for pretty high sales goals of $500 for Wayne and $750 for Rex. They have never sold this much before... not even two years combined... so this is a big deal for them.
You can help them reach their goals and, by doing so, get some sweet scout prizes, AND get yourself some of the best popcorn this side of the Mississippi. The love is all over the place here!
All you have to do is look over the specialty popcorn selections, make your choice, and then place your order by e-mailing me or leaving a comment. We're collecting the money right away, so you can either hand me cash or a check (made out to me) the next time you see me or mail it to me.
THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ORDER... oh, by the way, the popcorn tins make great gifts or a fun thing to bring home for Thanksgiving. The popcorn shows up on Nov. 10.

Absent-minded? God's grace can cover that!

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It was Aug. 14. I was driving back to Ames from Decorah after doing the family reunion thing. It was a clear, cool day... life was good.
So much so, that after passing a cop who had just finished busting a guy, I had no fears or concerns. I was driving the speed limit, I had no outstanding bills, I was a law abiding citizen. That's when the cherries lit up!

The highway patrol officer comes up to my passenger side window and in my shock I blurt out, "What's the problem officer?"
"Well", he says, "It seems like your registration tags have expired."
"What? No way.", I said as I search for my registration information... to no avail. Sure enough, I've been driving my van and my Volvo for 7 months with expired tags.

My kids start asking, "Is daddy going to go to prison?" (I'm serious. They really said that.) And so the cop had pity on this absent-minded father of 5 + 1 and let's me off with a warning.

Now get this!
On April 7th, I was pulled over by DPS for, of all reasons, not pulling over fast enough for an Ames Police car that was responding to a call. He criticized my driving for not paying attention and pulling over faster. He accused me of potentially causing an accident. And yet he completely missed the fact that my registration tags were 3 months expired by that time! I'll let you come to your own conclusions on that one, but as for me I think God graciously covered my back. Thanks Big Guy!

Home redecorating

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We recently redecorated/painted our living room and kitchen. However, since we are decoratingly challenged we asked Annette Barrett for her expert advice. She had a plethora of ideas and had even done some bargain hunting for us the first time she came to visit. With her help and guidance we were able to get the redecorating done within a week. She even brought in her painting "crew" and they got most of the painting done in one day (they only stopped because they ran out of paint).

So we give a big THANK YOU to Brad, Annette, Nancy V., Glenda M. and the Chidester family for all the hard work they put into making our house look beautiful and inviting. And it worked! We immediately had several people just stop by and relax in our living room as they ate our food! The room really does make you feel comfortable and at rest. Nina said, "Now that it looks so nice we'll have to keep the room cleaned up." : )
Here are some pictures or please feel free to stop by and see for yourself.

95 years old!

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I (Kristen) recently came back from a 6 day trip to see my 95 year old Grandfather. He has lived in Spokane, WA for almost 40 years. His wife, my Step-Grandmother, passed away almost 2 months ago. The trip overall was a good one- I flew out with my parents, my sister and one of my brothers.

I had not seen my Grandparents for about 5 years and I had not visited them in Spokane since 1986. It was difficult not being able to see my Grandmother again before she passed away and more than likely this will be the last time I see my Grandfather. It was fun hearing him talk about his days in the Navy, he was stationed in San Francisco on the battleship West Virginia (which was later sunk at Pearle Harbor- only be brought back up and restored). He also told stories of meeting Grandma, jobs he used to have… For 95 years old his memory is doing very well and he has a great sense of humor. He is even able to get around with a walker by himself for the most part.

It was a great trip, I love the Northwest and the Spokane area- it is such beautiful country. We visited a couple of orchards and a winery. We also traveled to Coeur d’Alene, ID and to my Aunt & Uncle's cabin on Twin Lakes. Unfortunately the cabin is still being remodeled so we weren’t able to stay there. It will be a great place when it’s done though.

You can look at the pics of my trip if you wish.

Scout camp for all.

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Tim, Rex and Wayne spent two fun filled days at Cub Scout Day Camp. Tim and Rex helped the young Cub Scouts explore lots of different activities. From fishing, to BB guns & bow and arrows, to bubbles and the American flag. Check out the pictures.

Now Rex is at a week long Boy Scout summer camp, and Tim has joined him for 3 days. Pics of that to come later.

by Kristen

Unveiling the baby

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We had an ultrasound on Fri. to check the baby and everything seems to be going fine (It looks as if she is waving at you!). Also, the nurse said we are having a girl, so now we will need to find a good girl�s name- any suggestions?

Also, Wayne will be having a procedure done at the University of Iowa Hospitals next Wed, May 31st. Wayne was born with an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect)- basically a small hole in his heart that should have closed on its own but did not. During the procedure a catheter will be inserted in the vein in Wayne�s leg and moved to his heart where the doctors will insert a device to plug the hole. This is a procedure that has taken the place of open heart surgery and has very good success rate.

If you�re interested in more info on the defect and procedure check out this link.

Please be praying for Wayne to be healthy- the procedure will not be done if he is sick.
Pray for the doctors to be prepared and competent.
Pray for safety during the procedure for Wayne and quick recovery.


I'm calling it a miracle!

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Wayne can finally hear!

Yesterday we finally got a hearing aid for Wayne. As soon as we left the building Wayne said �I hear birds.� I almost started to cry- he has never mentioned hearing things like that before. When we got home it was very obvious that Wayne could hear more. He even complained that things were too loud and was reacting to things he never had before- like the microwave oven beeper. (The hearing amplifies all sound, so he will need to get used to tuning out sounds he doesn�t need to listen too).

The whole story goes back to last summer after the doctor and audiologist kept encouraging us to get another hearing aid for Wayne. We had one when he was younger, but we never noticed much of a difference when he wore it and then the hearing aid started to not work correctly and then, unfortunately, it was lost. That was almost 2 years ago. (Wayne only needs one hearing aid because the hearing in his right ear is so bad a hearing aid would not do any good. His left ear has what they call "cookie bite" hearing loss.)

Well, the new hearing aid that they wanted us to get was a digital and they are much more expensive than the other one he had. We were not able to cover the cost (and insurance doesn�t cover hearing aids). So that began my long search for financial aid that could help us. I found several on the internet, and after writing to them I heard back from a couple of organizations.
One we were not eligible for because we did not meet their income guidelines. The other one, called the HIKE (Hearing Impaired Kid�s Endowment) Fund (, was through the International Order of Job�s Daughters and is affiliated with the Masons. We filled out their forms and got the required references and then waited for a response. This was in May 2005.
I had been told it could take up to 6 months to get a response. However, in July we received a letter stating we had been awarded the money for Wayne�s hearing aid! I was elated! The check was delivered in person a couple of months later (September 2005).

Next, we needed to get Wayne�s hearing tested and the doctor to check his ears. I thought this would all happen quickly last October, but that was not to be. First Wayne had to have a surgery to remove an ear tube that had been put in 2.5 years earlier. Then every time we went in for the test, his ear had some complication (time to heal, bad cold, ect...). So we continued to wait.
Then we had to change doctors, and the new doc recommended that Wayne needed to have tubes put back into his ears because of a build up of fluid behind his ear drum. That surgery was 2 weeks ago and his ears are now doing great. Whew!

So, yesterday the day finally came when we were able to get his new hearing aid and see if it really would make a difference. I was hopeful, yet a little hesitant since his last one didn�t work very well. We are all super encouraged to see that Wayne can hear better, and hopeful that this will make a difference in his speaking and learning.

God has done a wonderful thing in Wayne�s life and we trust He has more planned for him.

Check out Wayne's birthday pics!

The number of the day is 6

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So I set the kids up for their almost daily routine of watching Sesame Street. As I did so, I heard that the number of the day was 3. I then sauntered into the office and informed Kristen of the number of the day.
To my surprise, she disagreed. "The number of the day", she said, "is 6."
"Why 6?", I said, "There is nothing inherently significant about the number 6 other than: it's the first perfect number, the second smallest composite number, a unitary perfect number, a harmonic divisor number and a highly composite number, AND, last but not least, it's the numerical position that I held among my siblings. Besides that, there's nothing special about six to make it the number of the day."

Feeling fully satisfied by my intellectual thorough (though totally uncalled for) response, Kristen confidently and calmly replied, "I am pregnant."

I guess 6 is a special number after all!

* special thanks to Wikipedia for it's help with the number 6.

I hate my snowblower

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Yes, strong words I know, but I really do hate my snowblower.
Ever since the beast was given to me (yes, it was a "gift"... I hope the giver doesn't read this...), it's been a pain. Now, what has made it worse than normal is that I had high hopes that it would relieve me of extra work and save me extra time. It has done neither! And like the proverb says, "a hope deferred makes the heart want to break something" TSV
When I first got it, everything was fine. I now believe the snowblower did this on purpose. Shortly into it, though, it began to leak gas like a sieve. I mean it was a gusher out of the bottom of the engine.
Efforts to correct the problem lead to greater problems... wouldn't start, kicks out massive amounts of smoke, sputters and dies, won't throw snow, need I go on...

Today we had a harmless amount of snow on the ground. An easy fix. I fired up the snowblower and it was doing fine... like usual. Just when I thought I'd finish this job up quick. The wheel fell off. Yes, the wheel. Efforts to fix it we're futile.
So... an hour later I said forget this and shoveled the drive.

Since I'm convinced that this snowblower is possessed and is doing this on purpose, I decided to fill it with gas, grab Chad's gun, and shoot it... and you won't be able to stop me either!!! Ha... ha... ha... ha... ha...

Four Things

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This is actually Kristen's responses, so you're not confused.

Tagged by Nancy Heerema:

Four Jobs I�ve Had in My Life:

� Detasseling

� Food Service

� ISU temp work- mostly office help

� MOM- 5 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 snake, 2 lizards, and 1 husband

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have:

� any (non B rated) John Wayne movie

� Matrix

� Star Wars

� Lord of the Rings

Four Places I Have Lived:

� Wateloo, IA

� Gilbertville, IA

� Ames, IA

� (places I've been for the summer only): Washington D.C. (actually College Park, MD); Myrtle Beach, SC; San Diego, CA; Estes Park, CO; Chicago, IL

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch:

� ER

� recently- '24'

� Monday Night Football

� MaxX- extreme video clips

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation:

� Connecticut- as a kid

� Washington State

� North Dakota- Mount Rushmore, Black Hills

� Tennessee

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

(maybe weekly, I don't have much time to surf)

� Planet RockISU

� e-Bay

� Ames Public Library

� My Yahoo!

Four Favorite Foods:

� Stawberries

� Chocolate

� Corn on the cob

� Chocolate

Four Places I Would Like to Visit:

� Switzerland

� New York

� Connecticut and Washington state (again)

� Washington D.C with my kids

Four People I Am Tagging With This Meme:

� Terri Linse

� Darcy Smalley

� Alyssa Dirks

� Kathy Hanson

Celebrating Christmas... phase II and III

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It's been forever in cybertime since I've blogged last, but since I started with Christmas stories I figured I'd better finish the story.
On the actual Christmas eve and day, my family had a tremendous time at the home where I grew up with my mom and her new husband, Bob. Of all the horror stories I hear of domestic violence during the holidays, I thank God for the gift of a fun loving family. That gift alone makes it possible for us to enjoy all the others.

We started off with a white elephant gift exchange. The hot gifts to steal were 5 lottery tickets. In one of the last rounds, Kristen's gift was stolen and so she agonized over whether to chance it with the lottery tickets or take a gas gift card. She decided to go the safe route and get the gas card. As it turned out, the gas card was for $25! ... the lottery tickets won the holder $1. My wife is good!

After Faithwalkers and New Years, we had a calm but encouraging gift exchange with Kristen's side of the family. The best part of Christmas at the Brice's is the constant spread of food and pop that you can access anytime you want. It was little smokies, it was shrimp, it was pies, it was pumpkin bars. Mmmmm... I can still taste it now.

As for gifts, I took up Dan Jone's idea to ask if Christmas gifts could be directed to the Ezekiel Project instead of to me. So the person who had my name gave to the project which had an unusually pleasing affect on my heart. As people opened 2006 calendars, toys, and miscellaneous knick-knacks I just felt blessed that my gift was something that is more meaningful and more useful than something that's only there to serve me.
Overall, $140 went to the Ezekiel Project instead of me this Christmas and it was by far the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten. It grates against the flesh at first to give up something that's coming to you, but after you do it you find that "it's far better to give than to receive".

P.S. You can see pics of our Christmas at home by clicking here.

Celebrating Christmas... phase one

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Well, the Borseth family in Ames is wrapping up its Christmas celebration!
The kids were wired all day and were particularly energized after the family meal (potatoes and roast beast!). When everything is in balance in a kid's world, there is nothing more exciting than presents. You would love seeing their expressions of joy, but we lost our digital camera about 3 months ago. That means you'll have to wait a couple weeks for the film to get developed.

Here's the take though:
Our first gift was to someone in need. We talked through 5 different groups that sent us request for support and the kids all picked Feed The Children. Anything in our budget that wasn't spent on gifts will go to them.
Next was Isaac. At first he was hesitant, but decided he'd play along. Once he started to rip into the first gift, though, it was over in a hurry. He got a wooden train set from mom & dad and a foam rocket launcher from Rex & Nina.
Savana, who was having a hard time waiting her turn, got a dress-up coloring pad thingy and a stuffed ballerina mouse from mom & dad, and a purple dress from Nina.
Wayne, who was by far the most exuberant of all the kids... it was so cool to see his smiles guys, got a Batman bath set and a Spiderman action figure from mom & dad, and a wooden plane with a sling shot that shoots parachutists from Rex.
Nina, who showed much poise as she opened her gifts, got a bed canopy from mom & dad, and The Princess Bride video from Rex.
And lastly, Rex scored a realistic looking Jedi light saber from mom & dad, and a Star Wars calendar from Nina.

Oh, Mom got lots of chocolate and I got 2 Dinosaur figures and 1 reptile figure from Rex and Nina. (In case you're wondering, Rex and Nina are gainfully employed by the Ames Advertiser.)

So we've been playing and eating sweets all night... if God is pleased when we are filled with joy and holy delight, then I believe we gave Him a smile tonight.

Now it's off to Grandma's for more food and fun. I'm telling ya, I have more fun on Jesus' birthday than I do my own!!


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Who needs a good Saturday morning breakfast for only $5 that goes towards a great cause ('cause Boy Scout Troop 196 really needs it)!
Basically, it's a wonderful breakfast that, for $5/ person, you can eat at Elk's Lodge (across from the Library). What you can get is: delicious buttermilk pancakes with juicy sausages and a choice of milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, or Burgie's coffee! Eeee-haaaa!
It's on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 7am - 1pm. Just think of it... you can have breakfast for lunch too!

On a personal note: if I sell at least 10 tickets, I can participate in a scout lock-in with dodge ball and halo. Also, I am entered into a drawing for some great prizes.

If you want to satisfy your stomach, call me (Rex) at 515-291-3298 or e-mail me.

Our Anniversary trip to Cincinnati.

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Okay... we're finally getting around to posting about the most picture perfect get-away I can ever remember having.
With the babysitting help of the Heeremas, the Johnsons, Darcy Smalley, and the Bovenmyers, Kristen and I were able to spend a blissful 5 days in the Cincinnati/ N. Kentucky area.

By way of an overview, here's a list of our favorite places:

Favorite eating establishment: Arnold�s in downtown Cincy (est. 1861)
Favorite museum: The Creation Museum (which is why we picked this area)
Favorite bridge: John A. Roebling suspension bridge (not easy to get to but was fun)
Favorite dinosaur in the Creation Museum (and they had a lot): animatronic Utah raptor
Favorite statue at the Art Museum: David & Goliath
Favorite scene downtown: downtown parking (truck with an insane number of parking tickets under its windshield wipers)
Favorite drive: finding our way from the Art Museum back to the Interstate (not to say we were lost but the scenic route was truly beautiful)
Favorite place to relax: the Hot Tub at the Radisson Hotel. (Oh yeah!)

Check out our pics to see what we're talking about.

Again, a BIG thanks to the Heeremas, Johnsons, Bovenmyers and the ever faithful Darcy for watching & caring for our kids while we were gone. We love you all!

By His amazing grace!

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Kristen and I are leaving on a jet plane for the happening city of Cincinnati for 5 days of fun (10/19 - 10/24). This venture ought to bring up some questions.

1. Um, why Cincinnati? Good question. And the answer is not because the Bengals are playing some mean ball. Rather, last Christmas Kristen's gift to me was a significant pledge to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. As such, they invited us to a tour of the half completed facility on 10/21. Since it was close to our anniversary, we decided to make an event out of it.

2. How can you afford it? Another good question. Our pledge to The Ezekiel Project was more than we've ever given to a stewardship campaign before. The first several months of giving we're tight... real tight. Since then, though, God has blown us away with miraculous provision: a $1000 grant for Wayne's hearing aid, a $200/month new partner that I didn't even seek out, and a $3000 class action lawsuit award that we didn't know anything about. I tell ya, if there is no God, then why does He keep giving me money?

3. What about the kids? This is more awesome to me than the money, honestly. Paul and Christie Johnson, Matt and Nancy Heerema, and Darcy Smalley are all going to tag team watching our 5 energetic kids while were gone. We really appreciate their heart to help us. We would not be able to take this trip if they were not willing to sacrifice for us. Please pray for them, though, it won't be easy (see some of our family pics to get an idea of what I'm talking about).

See ya when the wall comes down (referring to the work on the building).

Scouts popcorn

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Popcorn! Popcorn! Get your gourmet popcorn in a decorative tin that supports the Scouts (breath) and helps Rex and Wayne get cool stuff here.
Yes... it's the 21st century... scouts are now selling popcorn via e-mail and blogs. Crazy!
If you would seriously like to buy some really awesome popcorn. Send me an e-mail with the kind of popcorn and how much of it you want. If you have a preference as to whom you would like to buy it from, let me know that as well.
If you have a good "when I was a scout selling popcorn" story, post a comment. THANKS!

A � Caramel Corn ISU bucket; 16 oz. ($7)
B � Caramel Corn IA Hawkeyes bucket; 16 oz. ($7)
C � Caramel Corn Iowa Greetings bucket; 16 oz. ($7)
D � French Vanilla Iowa Greetings bucket; 16 oz. ($7)
E � Cheese Corn Iowa Greetings bucket; 16 oz. ($7)
F � Iowa Fields Tin; 9 oz. Caramel, 9 oz. French Vanilla, 3.5 oz. Cheese (Net wt. 21.5 oz.) ($25)
G � 15 pack butter microwave; 3.5 oz. bags ($12)
H � 15 pack butter light microwave; 3.5 oz. bags ($12)
I � 15 pack kettle corn; 3.5 oz. bags ($12)
J � 30 pack double butter microwave; 3.5 oz. bags ($20)
K � White Gold; 10 oz. ($7)
L � Mud Puddles; 10 oz. ($7)
M � White Ruby; 10 oz. ($7)
N � Cashew Thunder; 21 oz. ($12)
O � yellow popcorn; 3.5 lbs. ($7)
P � Master of Memories gift pack; 10 oz. Mud Puddles, 3.5 oz. Cheese Popcorn, 10 oz. Caramel corn, 10 oz. White Gold (Net wt. 33.35) ($25)

Scout popcorn

What I brought home from the retreat (part III)

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Over the course of the retreat, I happened upon a great number of things that I just knew I had to take home with me. Some of them have been of particular interest to my kids. In fact, we ended up caging and keeping them all.

We have a 4 inch millipede.

A 12 inch snake (garter snake).

And a 4 1/2 inch praying mantis.

Box elder bugs have been their tasty morsals this fall.

A word from Kristen

Posted by Tim: 08/27/2005 :: Family News :: 4 comments on 002791

God has come through once again!
We have needed a new hearing aid for Wayne for over a year. However, it would cost nearly $1000 to get it. So I started checking the internet for places that might offer financial aid to hearing impaired kids. I found many and applied to one where we were able to meet all the requirements called the HIKE (Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment) Fund.
HIKE is a philanthropic project of the International Order of Job�s Daughters which is affiliated with the Freemasons. We were informed about a month ago that we were approved to receive the financial aid. Today, at 5pm, a coordinator and her husband stopped by to give us a check for $1009!! This will cover Wayne�s hearing aid along with doctors visits�

This is such a wonderful gift, and it's also been huge to me personally. For those that know me, I don�t get emotional very often, but this really hit me. I even started to cry- more than once!
I know God is good- intellectually, in my mind. But experientially I sometimes don�t see this and doubt the truth in my heart. I believe the lie that God is not good and doesn�t care. Even though I would say �God is good�, that�s not what I really believe, because the way I react to my circumstances does not show that.
The truth is that God is good. He was good when Wayne was born with birth defects, He was good when Wayne went through many surgeries before his first birthday, He is good now when the car won�t start, He is good when the computer crashes, or when our home insurance gets dropped because we have a dog (you know how vicious Duke is... NOT!).
It really is true- whether I believe it or not. He never changes and I want to believe that in my heart not just in my head. (A lot of this I have been reading about in the book �Waking the Dead� by John Aldridge)

Vacation news

Posted by Tim: 08/09/2005 :: Family News :: 0 comments on 002743

Sorry that it's taken me so long to share with you all our experiences during our brief family vacation. Here's a quick play by play:
Wed. - travel 6 hours to Chicago, by God's amazing grace we got to stay at the Draughons home while they are on vacation for the same dates that we are, we relaxed at their place and the kids played with all the "new" toys.
Thurs. - meeting with Chris Biang over church planting, visited Cantigny Park ( ... an awesome museum filled with tanks for the kids to play on and a museum where you walk through the battles of the 1st Division. The kids requested that we go there! The Johnson's joined us for the museum and then a bite to eat at Tony Steamers.
Fri. - dropped off papers for the Songs at the Chinese Consulate, visited the Museum of Science and Industry ( it was great for kids and adults alike, the WWII Submarine U-505 was intense, it was very expensive though; we enjoyed Closing Ceremonies with the SALT crew that night at Promotory Point. It was awesome!
Sat. - visited the Lincoln Park Zoo (, a "free" zoo if you don't eat there or buy any of their stuff, the kids loved it especially when the monkey took a leak out into the crowd; ate out at the Rain Forest Cafe, it was really fun and you paid dearly for every minute of it.
Sun. - did church at Glen Arbor Community Church, visited the Klaypatch family and went to a lake to play with their motorized speed boat and catch crayfish.

Then it was back home. The family enjoyed the time. Check out pics in our photo album!

Taking a break

Posted by Tim: 07/26/2005 :: Family News :: 2 comments on 002714

Well, I'm off for a short vacation with the family. For most people, this is a good thing. For me, I feel guilty about it.
"Why?", you may ask.
"Because the world is going to hell and here I am relaxing and enjoying a pina colada!" I answer.

It's a strange thing. I encourage others to take extended breaks and vacations, but feel like I shouldn't. I know I need counseling for this. In fact, my whole message (Joshua 9) last Sunday was a result of my reflections from lying on the couch for Divine therapy.

I know that the fate of the world is not on my shoulders (I Pt. 4:5). I know that rest is good (Matt. 11:29). I know that God wants me to enjoy life and see good days (John 10:10). Well, maybe that last one is still sinking in.
I think the movies of a sober, serious Jesus has infected me more than I realize. The happy Jesus of the Visual Bible series is one I want to be like and I believe is far more realistic.
I mean, why would thousands of people want to listen to a guy that just preached about how big of a sinner they all are, and how much they need to change, and how the world is coming to a dismal end.
Now, I'm sure that he addressed those issues at the proper time and with the proper people, but I think that Jesus had a far more hope-filled message that was delivered with joy and excitement.

Yes, that's the kind of Jesus I want to be like.

Pray for me and my family while in Chicago from 7/27 - 8/1. Thanks!

Crime scene

Posted by Tim: 07/22/2005 :: Family News :: 2 comments on 002699

It was Friday (7/22)... about 7:30am.
Nina comes rushing into my bedroom with a stunned look on her face. Kristen noticed something was wrong right away and asked, "Nina, what's wrong?"
Nina said, "We won't have to hunt for insects for the anoles
"Why?� I asked.
"The lid is off and they are gone." she said.

I immediately jumped up and ran down stairs.
The crime scene was telling. The lid was off, laying on the floor. There were "paw sized" indentations all over the dirt inside the glass cage.
And the 2 anoles that we bought just 5 days ago were gone.
Standing next to the door with a sly smile on its face was, Crystal, the cat.
Crystal was immediately apprehended for breaking and entering and a double homicide.
A memorial service for the two lizards will occur after church on Sunday (7/24). The anoles had no names.

Towers: changed forever

Posted by Tim: 07/19/2005 :: Family News :: 2 comments on 002687

I (Kristen) lived in the towers for many years (5.5). And even though I never lived in Knapp or Storms Halls, the implosion was an emotional one for me. I had many friends who lived there and spent many hours in their rooms and dens. While waiting for the implosion I reminisced with a friend about the good times we had there. I remember late night studying, working food service, ordering pizza, riding the �vators, fire alarms, parties in the den- so many good times. Now two of the places I made those memories are gone- the Towers have changed forever.

I also reminisce about the spiritual times I had while living there. Starting with my own encounter the fall of 1986 when two friends shared with me how I could know for certain I was going to heaven. That is when I took the gift Jesus gave me of eternal life. Thus starting my spiritual journey. Towers embodied a lot of those memories through Bible studies, sharing the gospel, serving girls on my floor, helping the inebriated, taking spiritual interest surveys, handing out gospel tracts, sharing verses from the Bible. These things made an impact on my life and have changed me forever.

I will never be the same just as the Towers will never be the same. Thankfully I still have the memories, oh and of course I still have my building, because Wilson still stands.

Download file

It doesn't happen very often...

Posted by Tim: 07/15/2005 :: Family News :: 1 comments on 002674

This weekend will be a weird one for me.
I will be performing my mother's wedding.

My dad passed away over 10 years ago and my mom has finally found someone else that she could spend the rest of her life with. I am very happy for her... and a little weirded out by it at the same time.
The strangest thing of all is, during the ceremony, do I call her Mom or Valerie? They say that truth is stranger than fiction and this situation is certainly no exception.

Tomorrow, I will marry off my own mother. It'll take some getting used to.

The joys of scouting

Posted by Tim: 06/26/2005 :: Family News :: 1 comments on 002634

Well, Rex successfully pulled off his first summer camp as a boy scout. He did really good... I can't say the same for his dad though.

Here's the top 10 signs that your boy is a better scout than you:
10. After 2 days, you're done. After 2 days, he's just begun.
9. You're teaching your son the finer points of fishing. He informs you that you're holding the fishing pole upside down.
8. Your son catches two fish. You misidentify them both.
7. You can't catch a decent night of sleep to save your life. He practically sleeps through a rain storm... while sleeping outside his tent!
6. It rains buckets. You get soaked from head to foot. He's wearing rain gear from head to foot.
5. He does the back stroke and the side stroke with ease. You think your gonna have a stroke.
4. He knows the square knot, two half hitches and the taut-line hitch. You know the granny knot.
3. He stays up late, gets up early, and is fine for the day. You go to bed early, sleep as late as you can, and take a nap at mid-day.
2. He makes a stretcher in a matter of seconds. You feel like you'll need a stretcher any second.
And the number one reason you know that your son is a better scout than you:
1. He asks when the next scouting camp out is. You ask for Ben Gay.

Check out pictures of Rex's Scout Summer Camp and Wayne's Scout Day Camp.

The insanity of it all!

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This week has been particularly stressful... not that most of my life isn't, it's just that things have been particularly CRAZY this week. Even as I sit here my head is swirling all my to dos that are not getting done (but a guy just has to blog).

So Rex, my oldest, is at his first week long Boy Scout summer camp. One would think that is good, but who does all of Rex's chores while he's gone. Answer: no one. The garbage is piling up in the garage, the dishes are piling up on the kitchen sink, the dog is barking because he hasn't been fed, and Kristen is telling Nina for the 10th time to do something that Rex usually does. Add to that my burden of concern for Rex's welfare while he's away from a rather protective family for the longest time ever.

Wayne, our third child, has come down with a terrible cold after pushing his little body to the limit from a jam packed weekend at Cub Scout day camp. Dad and Rex were a part of the experience too, and frankly, it was too much for this "old" man. So Wayne and Dad shared our illness with the whole family making things a lot more pleasant for the lot of us.

The Rock never stops rocking. Which is nice if you are watching from the sidelines (but what's the fun in that?). I've had leaders meetings, discipleship meetings, "I wanna get married" meetings, "I'm mad at you" conflicts, and more e-mails about more issues than one person should ever have to deal with... and it's only Wednesday night.

I got a meeting tonight by the way. A building committee meeting. I'm missing family night at the Boy Scout camp because of it... and because Wayne has a 103 degree temperature.

I leave tomorrow to spend Thursday - Saturday with Rex at camp, on Monday I take off for 4 days at a Pastor/Staff conference, and the lawn really needs to be mowed (something Rex usually does I think).

I guess I could make it all go away by pulling out of the front lines of ministry and just take gaurd duty.
I guess I could drop out of the scouts and find a easier, simplier leadership and outreach opportunity for me and the boys.
I guess I could, but I probably won't! Jesus never said that dieing to yourself was going to be easy, but he did say you would find life along the way. Things are hard, stressful, and difficult. I admit it. But my life has never been more exciting and intense! I'll take that kind of life over any other.

(Special thanks to Kristen to putting up with me... she's awesome... and tired.)

Almost perrrrfect!

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Life has been so insanely busy for this boy that I'm just getting around to blogging about my Memorial Day weekend.

I'm telling ya, that weekend was incredible.
My family's presence was requested by my mom (NE Iowa resident) to help with yard work at the old farm. Since I spend most of my time reading/thinking/talking, it was a relief to do some manual labor for a change.
So Rex and I, in particular, put in a heavy day of work on Saturday and some on Sunday. My body really ached after that, but boy did we get a lot done.
Ignoring the pain, we spent Memorial Day honoring my father and then enjoying life catching fish and playing ball at Lake Meyer (near Calmar). It was a beautiful place and the weather was perfect. We couldn't have had a better time.

Now, you might be wondering why I said "almost" perfect. Well, on a couple evenings during that weekend I hooked up with my brother, Andy, and his family (Decorah) to play some Halo. Well, let me just say I haven't clocked as many hours as they have, and it showed. I'd rather not talk about it any more than that.

So, what did you do on your Memorial Day?


No place like home...

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It's been crazy. I've been everywhere but home for about a month now. My wife and kids are starting to wonder who this bald guy is that pops over every so often and then takes off again. Here's the life I've been living lately:

12/22 - 12/26 Christmas at the Brice's in happenin' Gilbertville, IA. Good time had by all.
12/27 - 12/31 Faithwalkers Conference at Tan-Tar-A Resort, MO. A phenomenal conference that cut to the heart. Messages can be ordered at Broad Reach Recordings.
12/31 - 1/3 Brought in the New Year with tons of Halo at my brother's place and my Mom's place in Decorah, IA.
1/4 - 1/5 Pastor's overnight retreat in an abandoned mobile home in Ames, IA.
1/7 - 1/8 Rock leaders retreat at Sunstream Retreat Center near Boone/ Ogden, IA.
1/8 - 1/9 Cub Scout overnighter at the Science Center in Des Moines, IA.

And then it all hits the fan with the first day of class 2005. So as you can see, my sanity and marriage are dependent on your faithful prayers (there that should get ya praying!).

Our Top Ten

Posted by Tim: 11/24/2004 :: Family News :: 5 comments on 001234

The Borseth family humbly submit the top 10 things we are thankful for:
10) Duke- BARK, WHINE, BARK (translation: I won't be left home alone! I get to go to Grandmas for Thankgiving!!!)
9) Isaac- WAAAAAAAAAA (translation: Mommy!)
8) Savana- Umm... Going to Grandma's on the farm.
7) Wayne- Ummmmm... Jesus!
6) Nina- My parents because they take me out to eat, to the movies, to Grandmas.........
5) Rex- Ummm... Everything God gives us... and computers.
4) Kristen- Safety, health, and God watching over us.
3) Tim- Hmmmm... Great friends in a great church on a great mission.
2) Angie- Dutchess (It's her cat. She's in abstentia, but we knew she would say that)
1) The whole family- FOOOOOOD or Galactic Battlegrounds... we couldn't decide which.

So what things are you thankful for during this holiday season?

Better than Christmas?

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It's been a hotly contested debate over the years. Some say yes... others say no. The issue is: Is the annual selling of Cub Scout popcorn better than Christmas? I used to say no until Rex (and now Wayne) started selling it and I started eating it.
Enter into the debate yourself by e-mailing Rex ([email protected]) with your order of popcorn (they're great for Christmas gifts too!). Look over the order form below, tell us what and how many you want, and mail or drop off the check made out to me (Tim Borseth) today.
And thanks a lot!


See Isaac Walk

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Here he is... almost a year old yet (his birthday is on Sept. 3) and the boy is taking his first steps. Watch him for yourself! (It's at the bottom of the page.)
These little buggers grow up fast.

Back where I come from

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I just got back from a blitz family visit in Decorah, Iowa. I'm now so sore that I can hardly move.
You see, back where I come from we play basketball the way it was meant to be played... full contact!
When we say "crash the boards", we mean it literally. Our playing area is an uneven square of cement with a dog house on one side, cement steps on the other, and the hoop attached to the side of the old summer kitchen (that's a separate building where they used to cook meals during the hot days of summer for you young pups).
We don't all fouls in our games. Unless, of course, there's blood. The pics below show one such case when my nephew, Dustin, got fouled bad.
Lastly, where I come from, we don't play just one or two games of ball. You play on and on and on into the night. Quitting is not in our vocabulary, but afterwards, pain and remorse is.
It's the only way to play basketball. It would be nice to get a game going in Ames sometime, but everyone is too busy writing blogs these days.
Thanks for a great time at home fam. And Scott, next time your going down!!!
Taking it to the hoop.JPG

Dustin with blood all over.JPG

Playing into the night.JPG

Our Vacation June 2003 Part 3

Posted by Tim: 06/08/2003 :: Family News

Black Hills, South Dakota

Sunday, June 8 we decided we had enough of camping in the cold and rain. So we packed up and drove to Rapid City where we found a good deal on a hotel with a pool.

We all enjoyed the warm room and the pool- including a hot tub. The only bad part was Tim got sick that night and on Monday was not able to enjoy the day much. We did make a couple trips out on Monday inspite of Tim�s sickness. Went to some places where the kids could run around and play and we could sit and watch. One place was Story Book Island- a huge play area for kids with story book themes like 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella and many more. Spent some time resting and swimming. Went out for supper, then went to bed early- every one feeling very tired. Tuesday, June 10 everyone was feeling better, but Tim was not fully recovered. Today�s the day we�re heading home. Took our time getting ready to go and left Rapid city around 10:30. Stopped at the 1880 Town where we ate at a 50�s Train Diner (not sure what the connection is there). Decided not to pay to see the town, but did buy some Badlands shirts for the kids. Headed off on I-90 for Ames around 2:00 pm (mountain time). LONG trip home. Stopped a few times to for gas, eat, bathroom... Finally got home at 1:30 am Wednesday morning (central time). Crashed, slept in and then back to the grind. It�s good to be home.