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April 09, 2005

Update as of 10 April 2005

Hi Everyone,
Here is an update with what's happening in Japan.
Spring is here. The cherry blossoms are blooming and is very pretty everywhere.
Jon and I went snowboarding a few weeks ago. It was very exciting until I fell backwards and gave myself a concussion. I ended up going to the hospital and got a few days off from work. :)
Jon is doing very well in school.... he brought home 1 C last semester and the rest A's and B's. He received an Academic Achievement award from the prinicpal. We are very proud of him. He is also working at the base theater and seems to like it. He still has not "booked" a job in the Air Force, but the recruiter says he will have one by the end of this month.
Amanda is currently working at a place called Cinnabun and no i don't get discounted cinnimon rolls, darn it. Amanda will be leaving for the States on April 25th to buy a house and get it set up so Bonnie and the kids will have a place to live until she gets on her feet. Her and Jason are getting divorced in the next week or so. Please pray for her. We plan on moving back to Louisiana after I retire anyway so this way we will have a house ready when we get there.
I am still working long hours at work. Since my retirment request was denied I will try again in August of this year, hopefully our manning will be up and they will let me retire effective 01 August 06. Please pray for me as well.
Check out the new pictures.
That is it for now.
God Bless
Jon, AManda and Jon II

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