Jon and Amanda Borseth en-us 2007-02-09T16:41:12-06:00 Our new additions Hi All, Here is an update on our lives so far. In January Jon and I got custody of Jessica's three kids. They are Destiny 4, Aurorra 2, and Tristan 1. We are hoping it will only be for a... jaborseth 2007-02-09T16:41:12-06:00 The lives of the Borseths in Louisiana Just an update on our lives thus far. Jon is still in Japan and it is looking like he will be there until June 2007. I am still in Louisiana taking care of 3 of our grans. Jon was home... jaborseth 2006-10-06T21:18:26-06:00 Whats Happening Today is 8 May 2006. Amanda has been visiting me for the past 27 days and it is has been great. We have walked the hard pavement of Fussa Japan, eaten Curry (a lot of it) and taken about 150... jaborseth 2006-05-08T06:31:10-06:00 Visit to Japan Hi All, Jon and I finally have some time together here is Japan. As you probably know, we have been living apart. Jon here in Japan and I am in Louisiana with Bonnie and her kids. It has been stressful... jaborseth 2005-12-25T22:06:02-06:00 Update 24 July 05 All, To date this is what is happening in Japan Jon II has graduated from high school and is currently working at the theater on base. He plans on staying here until he goes active duty AF on 3 Jan... John Borseth 2005-07-23T22:55:00-06:00 Update as of 10 April 2005 Hi Everyone, Here is an update with what's happening in Japan. Spring is here. The cherry blossoms are blooming and is very pretty everywhere. Jon and I went snowboarding a few weeks ago. It was very exciting until I fell... jaborseth 2005-04-09T19:25:08-06:00 Pig Talk Download file... jaborseth 2004-11-13T17:13:21-06:00 Freedom jaborseth 2004-11-07T04:45:31-06:00 What we believe What we believe: We believe that Jesus is the risen, living Son of God and that only by believing in Him and accepting Him into your heart as your personal savior can you enter the gates of heaven. Just as... jaborseth 2004-11-07T04:34:03-06:00