Wayne's World
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Wayne and Savana having fun at the Bovenmyers.
Viewed: 21 times.
Wayne showing off his new stuff from his 6th birthday.
Viewed: 20 times.
Chipmunks enjoying a bite to eat.
Viewed: 23 times.
So, Wayne & Nina, what secret did the marmot tell you?
Viewed: 18 times.
Wayne rescues Nina from the killer croc.
Viewed: 12 times.
Wayne says, "You should have seen the other guy."
Viewed: 12 times.
Cool Wayne.
Viewed: 11 times.
Enjoying the outdoors.
Viewed: 13 times.
Wayne's 5th birthday.
Viewed: 12 times.
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 Gallery: The Borseth Photo Gallery   
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