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Technical Info

Howdy :) I snuck this little nook in here on the off chance that anyone might wonder a little about how this site was build. Which is probably none of you.

This site was created with loving care by Matt Heerema for Tim and his family. As fellow mission workers, I am proud to be able to create a site for them to help them get the word out about their ministry. I hope this has accomplished that purpose. If you have any questions about the site, you can direct them at Matt through his site.

This site utilizes Six Apart's Movable Type as a content management, site management tool. And Sourceforge's Gallery as a photo manager. These two freeware applications work together very nicely to create a site. Hosting is generously donated by Russ Graves's Wombat. I love you Russ.

In the interest of page speed, bandwidth savings, search engine optimization, cross browser compatibiliy, usability, and accessibility to the largest audience possible, this page is coded according to W3C Web Standards.

Press on. Proverbs 22:29.